Handline: Coastal California is a restaurant in Sebastopol, California. The food they serve is fundamentally Californian—to them, this means inalienable freshness, the kind that you can only experience when the air has recently kissed the Pacific. The brand was inspired by the landscapes of the area—water, mountains and hills, while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The owners of the restaurant have an eye for every detail, so the design is integrated into everything from menus to wrappers for fresh tortillas. Learn more at their website.

Little Fish Brewing Company

Little Fish Brewing Company is located in Athens, Ohio and brews simple, rustic, and beautiful beers. It is a labor-of-love by two entrepreneurial men and their hard work has paid off with accolades from locals, as well as the international brewing community. The owners pride themselves in the personal attention to detail they pay to their ales, so the logo reflects the "thumbprint" they have in all that they create. Additionally, custom woodcut illustrations are created for each of their bottle releases. Learn more at their website.